With Low-Code certifications in OutSystems and a MCP certification with Microsoft, I am a seasoned specialist in the Microsoft Power Platform. Additionally, I proudly hold certifications as a Certified Agile Scrum Master and Master Project Manager. As the author of ‘The Power of GPT Prompts’, &  Introduction to Prompting for Generative AI (On Amazon), the go-to user guide for ChatGPT, I possess a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies. Currently, I am instrumental in driving the growth of a Low-Code / No-Code Center of Excellence at Concentrix Catalyst, collaborating with diverse Lines of Service to promote application extensibility, modernization, and productivity. Working closely with business owners, executives, and board members, I ensure a seamless digital transformation that prioritizes customer satisfaction. A visionary with a strong bias for action, I strive for perfection while maintaining a frugal approach. Constantly learning and adaptive, I intuitively identify and overcome blockers to deliver exceptional results. Let’s achieve transformation together!
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David Soden - Resume

Welcome to my resume page! Here you will find all the information you need to know about my professional experience and skills in the technology industry. As a Technology Evangelist, I specialize in cloud computing, digital transformations, IT project management, and process engineering. With a passion for innovation and expertise in these areas, I have successfully delivered exceptional results for numerous clients. Feel free to explore my resume and learn more about how I can contribute to your organization’s success.

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Low Code Platforms


Strategic Planning


IT Leader


Systems Architect


Cloud Computing

  • Microsoft Power Platform 100% 100%
  • (CRM’s) -> Dynamics / Salesforce / HubSpot / ACT 100% 100%
  • Dynamics 365 / CDS (DataFlex) / Model Driven 97% 97%
  • PowerApps, Canvas / Automate /BI / Portals 99% 99%
  • Microsoft 365  / Sharepoint 97% 97%
  • Azure Infrastructure, Logic Apps, Data 96% 96%
  • AWS – Infrastructure & Data 96% 96%
  • Low Code, Certified OutSystems React Developer 100% 100%
  • Windows Networking (Server/Desktop) NT -> 2019 100% 100%
  • WordPress / Joomla / CMS’s 100% 100%
  • Linux Webservers (RHEL/Centos) 6-8 92% 92%
  • Data Analysts & Analytics 90% 90%
  • Python/PHP/HTML/CSS/POWERSHELL 75% 75%

Getting Started with Power Portals

You can empower anyone—either inside or outside your organization—to interact with Common Data Service (DataFlex) data using portals. WARNING, these portals are not your typical Content Management System, and getting started can be extremely time consuming and confusing. This course will save you days and perhaps weeks of poking around the platform trying to implement a solution. In just a few hours, I can show you what you need to know to get started with Power Portals TODAY!

Citizen Developers of Low-Code / No-Code

Citizen Developers of Low-Code / No-Code are NOT developers, but they can greatly benefit from knowing key development aspects. This FREE course will get you started on the Low-Code / No-Code path with a solid understanding of development constructs without knowing how to write a single line of code.

Even if you want to get into development, this is a great FREE course to check out because you will need to know these basic constructs that are a part of any programming language. Understanding these main constructs will fast-track your learning when you do decide what language, to begin with.

Host websites for (Dev/Test/Prod)

Times have changed; people and companies are now putting everything online. Money is also of concern. Millions are out of work! What if you could learn to convert your home or small office pc into a REAL web & database server, pay no money, and only pay for just the domain name every year? Imagine how much money you could save on hosting one or more websites this way? Great for working with clients, testing new development, or just hosting the end final product, even a WordPress site. Convenience is the real benefit as everything is local, save time constantly from uploading your website again and again with each change. Everything is local!

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Certified as an Agile Scrum Master, I am currently freelancing Agile IT projects, execution and Digital Transformations for business owners, executives and board members. I am obsessed with customer satisfaction and curious about everything. Big thinker, but exercise frugality. Strong bias for action and refine to seek perfection. Constantly learn by being both intuitive and observant. identify blockers, and work around, or push through them. To summarize, results driven!

– Microsoft – Cloud Service Provider

– Microsoft – Partner

– Microsoft – Certified Professional

– Scrum Master Certified

– Master Project Manager

– 26 Years of IT Experience

– Director of Information Technology

– Solutions Architect

– Program / Product Manager

Latest Power Platform Public Application

Featured on Microsoft Community App Examples

Chat Assistant - Azure OpenAI

Git Repo: https://github.com/dtsoden/ChatAssistant


Chat Assistant  – Human Centricity


  • Finally, a secure way to implement ChatGPT in Enterprise.
  • Easy to use, end user Interface.
  • Rating system for each AI Generated Response.
  • Feedback System.
  • Users can create multiple prompt personas to suit and how they work.
  • Self-Monitoring, Search logs of past interactions to encourage reuse.
  • Built-in & Secure Administrative Backend
  • Live Auditing Dashboard.
  • Admin Feedback Log
  • In App Moderations, “BLACK List Words” prevent submission, “GREY List Words” are logged.
  • Notifications of Feedback submissions and Triggered “Grey List Words


  • Power Platform Premium Licensing
    • Dataverse
    • Custom Connectors
  • Azure Subscription
    • Access to Azure OpenAI

Azure and Power Platform Technologies Used

  • Azure Cognitive Services, OpenAI
  • Power Platform Custom Connector – connects Azure to the Power App
  • Power Platform Canvas Application – the application
  • Power Platform Power Automate – the notification system

Azure OpenAI, Access, Limits & Requests

  • 1st you may need to request access to Azure OpenAI Services. If you need to access this link and fill out the form. https://aka.ms/oaiapply
  • This service has a hard set of limits that may become restrictive as this solution scales. If you reach limits the application will error out often or not work at all. You can request increases here https://aka.ms/oai/quotaincrease to avoid this.


Who Am I?

ArchitectPersonality – INTJ-A / INTJ-T

It can be lonely at the top. Being one of the rarest personality types and being among the most capable people, Architects know this all too well. They make up just two percent of the population, and women with this personality type are especially rare, forming only 0.8%. It can be difficult for Architects to find people who can keep up with their non-stop analysis of things. People with this personality type are imaginative yet decisive… ambitious yet like their privacy… curious about everything but remain focused.

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